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It´s time to sum up the year!


The year of 2014 is soon over. And what a fantastic year it has been! We can´t be more proud of our dogs and horses.

In the show ring it must have been our most successful year so far. Both Siwan, Angus and Esa-Pekka have really had a great time, but also some upcoming youngsters have made a really nice debut both here and abroad. We know we don´t remember all results but if we count the ones we do remember our team has gained the following; 

Several BOB/BOS
Several BOB/BOS-puppies
32 CAC
20 R-CAC
8 JunCAC
Several Crufts qualifications

2x Copenhagen Winner-14
1x Copenhagen Junior Winner-14
1x Danish Winner-14
1x Danish Junior Winner-14
1x Norwegian Winner-14
1x Norwegian Junior Winner-14
1x Nordic Junior Winner-14
1x Helsinki Winner-14
2x Helsinki Junior Winner-14
1x Finnish Junior Winner-14
1x Swedish Junior Winner-14
1x ”Reserve” Danish Winner-14
1x ”Reserve” Nordic Junior Winner-14
1x ”Reserve” Swedish Winner-14

BISS2 Swedish Chi Spec ”Stora CC” (368 Chihuahuas entered)
BISS3 Swedish Chi Spec ”Stora CC”
BISS Intermediate Swedish Chi Spec ”Stora CC”
BISS Junior Swedish Chi Spec ”Stora CC”
BISS3 Baby Swedish Chi Spec ”Stora CC”
BISS Swedish Chi Spec ”Lilla CC” (170 Chihuahuas entered)
BISS Junior Swedish Chi Spec ”Lilla CC”
BISS2 Junior Norwegian Chi Spec (57 Chihuahua Juniors entered)
BISS2 & Chihuahua Club Winner Chi Spec St. Petersburg
BOG2 Avesta Int Sweden
BOG4 Copenhagen Winner Int Denmark
BOG4 St. Petersburg Nat Russia
BISS3 Vejen Danish Toy Club
BISS3 Tågarp Swedish Toy Club
Ex3 Junior WDS 2014
Ex1 Intermediate & CAC EDS 2014
Ex3 Junior EDS 2014
Ex4 Champion EDS 2014

1x Nordic Champion
2x Finnish Champion
1x Latvian Champion
1x Russian Champion
1x Russian Junior Champion
1x Russian Chihuahua Club Junior Champion

#4 Most top winning LC in Sweden 2014
#2 Most top winning LC male in Sweden 2014
#4 Most top winning SC in Sweden 2014
#2 Most top winning SC female in Sweden 2014
#6 Most top winning SC in Sweden 2014
#4 Most top winning SC male in Sweden 2014

These fantastic results wouldn´t been possible without our great puppy buyers, breeders and male owners! An extra thank you to Gillian Cain for Angus, Merja Kahelin for Esa-Pekka and also a very special thank you to Magnus Ryhle and Gunilla Ryhle for giving us the greatest start we ever could dream of when we were lucky to buy our foundation bitch Alice (MultiCH Orkanens Aimée A Dato). Thank you all!

We are also very proud of our upcoming horses in the stables. Both Diarado´s Love ELiTH and Divine Iris ELiTH qualified to the semifinals in the 4-years Championship and Miss Hillfon ELiTH qualified to the finals in the 5-years Championship. Love and Hilda performed very nice rounds in Flyinge and we congratulate their owners!

We look forward to what 2015 will bring. We are very happy to have some very promising youngsters, both dogs and horses, who will make their debut next year. Keep fingers crossed for them!

Now we have a short holiday break with friends and family. Some of you we will meet soon again in Gothenburg next weekend. The rest of you we hope we will meet later. Take care of yourselves, friends, family, dogs and horses!