Elith No Pain No Gain

Nordic Champion
Swedish Champion
Finnish Champion
Danish Champion
Swedish Junior Winner -14
Helsinki Winner -14
Helsinki Junior Winner -14
Reserve Swedish Junior Winner-15
1x R-CACIB (DK)  1x R-CACIB (SE)
1x CAC (SE)
1x CAC (FI)
3x CAC (DK)
1x ClubCAC (DK)
1x JunCAC (DK)
Qualified for Crufts 2015 & 2016
BISS4 Junior at Danish Toy Dog Spec Show Ströby
BISS2 Junior at the Norwegian Chi Speciality Show 2014 out of totally 57 entered juniors
Best Junior female at the Norwegian Chi Speciality Show out of totally 21 LC junior females
2nd best baby female with HP at Swedish Chi Speciality Show 2014 from a huge class of 22 LC female babies
BOB/BOS-puppy at Nat dog show (SE & DK)
VP2 Puppy class EDS 2014 Brno

Born: 30.01.2014

Sire: MacEnvi Make My Day Nahani
Dam: MultiCH Elith Be Luca´Licious

PL: 0/0 (19.02.2015)
Eyes: Clear (19.02.2015)


She´s the mother to our P2- and T2-litters

Elith Joy To The World

International Champion
Swedish Champion
Norwegian Champion
Danish Champion
Romania Champion
Romania Grand Champion
Copenhagen Winner-19
Dracula Winner-19
Transylvania Winner-19
Several BOB & BOS
3x CACIB (DK)  2x CACIB (RO)
3x CAC (SE)  1x CAC (NO)
11x CAC (DK)
2x CAC (DE)
6x CAC (RO)
2x R-CAC (SE)
1x R-CAC (NO)
2x JunCAC (DK)
2x Club JunCAC (DK)
Qualified for Crufts 2020
#1 longcoat Chihuahua 2019 Danish kennel club
#1 longcoat Chihuahua 2019 Danish Toy club
BISS Intermediate Norwegian Chihuahua spec 2019
BISS2 Intermediate (SE)
BOB Junior (SE & DK)
Ex4 CQ Junior class Nordic winner show (NO)
Ex4 CQ Junior class Danish winner show (DK)
Several BOB-puppy at INT/NAT shows (DK & SE)
BOS-puppy at NAT show (SE)

Born: 01.01.2018

Sire: MultiCH MultiW Helmiäisen Esquire
Dam: MultiBPIS Elith Zazz Blammymattazz

PL: 1/0 (16.10.2019)
Eyes: comes later


She´s the mother to our U2-litter

Photo: Lorettah Bortinna

Elith Queen Of F’ing Everything

One of the hopefuls from the Q2-litter

Born: 20.01.2020

Sire: C.I.B. MultiCH MultiW MacEnvi Highlander
Dam: Helmiäisen Greased Lightning

PL: 0/0 (21.01.2021)
Eyes: Clear (21.01.2021)


Tanitas Lucky Dream Freya

Our hope sired by Elith Zip Your Lip in
combinations with some new interesting
french bloodlines
Born: 27.09.2018

Sire: CH Elith Zip Your Lip
Dam: JunCH La Galaxie Rose Apple Of Love

PL: 0/0 (29.05.2020)
Eyes: Clear (29.05.2020)


She´s the mother to our V2-litter

Elith Oh La La

One of the hopefuls from the O2-litter

Born: 09.09.2019

Sire: C.I.B. MultiCH MultiW Helmiäisen Esquire
Dam: Elith Better The Devil You Know

PL: 0/0 (09.10.2020)
Eyes: Clear (09.10.2020)


She´s the mother to our X2-litter

Elith Real Hilda Hippo

Our hopeful from the R2-litter

Born: 21.05.2020

Sire: CH Helmiäisen Mr Neptune
Dam: Elith Quality Never Fails

PL: 0/1 (27.05.2021)
Eyes: Clear (27.05.2021)


Elith Up Close And Personal

Our hopeful from the U2-litter

Born: 23.11.2020

Sire: C.I.B. MultiCH MultiW MultiJW MacEnvi Highlander
Dam: CH Elith Joy To The World

PL: 1/0 (24.11.2021)
Eyes: Clear (24.11.2021)


Helmiäisen Greased Lightning

Tähti is living with us on leasing terms

She´s the mother to our M2-, Q2- and W2-litters

Born: 08.01.2016

Sire: MultiCH Helmiäisen Tornado
Dam: MultiCH Helmiäisen Wondergirl

PL: 1/0 (19.12.2018), 0/0 (19.01.2017, FI)
Eyes: Clear (19.01.2017, FI)
Heart: Clear (19.01.2017, FI)


Breeder & owner: kennel Helmiäisen