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Good news from the vet!

The Q2-litter had their 1st Birthday yesterday and what a better way to celebrate it for some of them, than today get perfect results at the vet!

PL 0/0 and eyes clear for both Baloo (Elith Quantum Leap) and Ingegärd (Elith Queen Of F’ing Everything).

Time to make some exiting plans for the future…

Also big congratulations to their sibling Milton (Elith Quality Approved) who also had his knees tested PL 0/0 today! Thank you for checking him, Lisa Göl.

Elith Quantum Leap, sadly we don’t have any new good photos of him than this one from puppy age. He’s a perfect combination of his father Macenvi Highlander and his grandfather Helmiäisen Tornado. When this terrible rainy winter is over I promise you will get to see some better photos of him.
Elith Quality Approved (photo: Lorettah Bortinna)